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Okay, can we just talk about how amazing the food scene is in Regina? There're creamy milkshakes, loaded poutine, deep fried doughnuts, and mouth-watering burgers with crisp fries on the menu. 

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We can all agree that the best kind of friendship therapy is when the whole squad gets together for a girls night out. There's absolutely nothing that can shake up the mood when our main girls are by our side, we're looking fly as hell, and the night ahead is about to be nothing but laughter, shenanigans, and memories we will forever remember.

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My family loves going out for dinner at Earls. Over the past couple years, it's become a tradition at least once a month (sometimes more) for us to snuggle up in our favorite booth, drink some wine, and order what seems to be the same thing every time. We love it because the food is always good and so is the service.

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You know those moments of boredom you have when you feel like you've done absolutely everything there is to do in Regina? I feel you. I've been there one too many times but what I've realized as of late is that I haven't really been going out of my way to find new places to visit and things to do.

So, I've started making an effort and I've actually found some pretty cool places that I think you'll dig too. From little hole-in-the-wall cafes to cozy creative spaces, Regina does have quite a few hidden gems if you know where to look for them.

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Caesars are the ultimate comfort cocktail. While all other cocktails are out to give us the worst hangovers we've ever experienced, caesars are the ones that are waiting for us the next day as if to say, "it's okay, you'll get through this. Just drink us and we'll help make that nasty headache go away."

It's that kind of hangover-saving tactic that makes caesars our go-to cocktail during the moments we can't even bare to think about alcohol. So thank you, dear caesar, for being the comfort we most needed on the days we felt like we'd never be able to get ourselves off the couch in fear that we might not live to see another day.

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