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How would you feel if your partner's mom was poking around your bedroom every day after you went to work?

One Reddit user says she suspected her mother-in-law of doing just that, so she set a trap and her in-law walked right into it in the most public and cringe-worthy way you can imagine.

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It’s super common to feel a bit panicky when trying to come up with gift ideas for that special person in your life. There’s a little pressure involved, to be fair — you want to get a gift that shows how much you care and also how much you get them.

Harry Rosen (Canadian men’s retailer extraordinaire) could be the one-stop shop for the greatest gift your partner gets this year — or has ever gotten ever.

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Mia Khalifa got internet users buzzing with her guest appearance on Emily Ratajkowski's podcast this week, after she shared what thinks of men, particularly those who date younger women.

Khalifa and Ratajkowski delved into some pretty hard-hitting topics on High Low with EmRata, but it was their discussion about men that triggered some strong feelings online.

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No one wants to be the a**hole who puts their foot in their mouth at dinner – but like it or not, we've all been asked an uncomfortable question about a significant other or done the asking.

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When you're going on a date with a complete stranger, it's important to watch out for any red flags that come up.

One woman posted a video on TikTok about going on a first date with a guy she says made her split the bill, so you can imagine her shock when he later admitted that he earns $100,000 a year.

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