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Ahh, Europe. Just thinking about its quaint streets, mouth-watering food, and stunning architecture is enough to give anyone major wanderlust. While jetting off across the ocean for the weekend would be a dream come true, it's not super realistic. Luckily, you can still get a taste of life abroad by visiting these things to do in Toronto this weekend. 

Toronto may be a fairly modern city, but you can still find lots of hidden gems that will transport you across the pond. 

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The Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix is a 3.5 acre garden that is as authentic as those in Japan. With tranquil ponds and bridges, lush greenery all around you, and meticulously arranged rocks, this garden feels like an oasis in the middle of the desert. Phoenix's Japanese Friendship Garden is the perfect way to unwind, especially during the months when our city is more red than green.

Tucked away in a corner of the garden is a beautiful waterfall, creating the perfect backdrop for some meditation on one of the large rocks or benches nearby. The garden and waterfall are one of the best-kept secrets in Phoenix, so you'll likely have plenty of sweet, sweet silence.

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Most people head to the bar for happy hour after a stressful weekend, but a spa treatment will refresh your mind and relax your muscles. The best spas around the city are located inside hotels and South Beach.

If you missed spa month during the summer, don't worry, there are always new deals to help your budget. Some of these spas welcome couple massages and specialized treatments.

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Even though some people think it's pretty clear that Ottawa is the city that fun forgotsome people think otherwise. Vogue Magazine included. 

Vogue Magazine recently wrote about how to have a restorative weekend away in Ottawa, but that wasn't the best part. The best part was the places they chose, and the way they described the city itself. The article says, "If you start to describe Ottawa, you’ll quickly realize it sounds more like an appealing dating profile than a capital: bilingual, beautiful, kid friendly, likes nature." Wow. 

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With all the ridiculous but amazing inflatable swimming floats you can get now, you need to take them out to float down the river! Seriously, just imagine them all floating down the water... it will be like a magical river full of rainbows and delicious foods.

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