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When it comes to U.S. travel restrictions, Canada is included in rules that now mandate quarantine for travellers after arrival in America.

President Joe Biden put out an executive order on January 21 for safe international travel and it has requirements for Canadian travellers.

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According to a new statement from the federal government, Canada’s travel rules are getting another update.

On January 11, Employment and Social Development Canada confirmed that any loopholes allowing non-essential travellers to claim money via COVID-19 benefits are set to be closed.

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While Canada’s new travel rules are set to kick in on January 7, 2021, some countries have been granted a temporary exemption by the federal government.

The new requirements were announced back in December, in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19 from other countries into Canada.

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Being a new grad and trying to start a career can be a daunting experience. However, Canada's government jobs are usually available for those who just received their degree or graduated recently. Right now, one of those positions is as an analyst working in the field of access to information and privacy.

It may sound like an intense job, but with the position comes a solid salary, especially for someone who just recently completed their post-secondary education. People working in these jobs can earn anywhere from $51,538 to $57,643.

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