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Thanks to the Florida foodie scene, we never have a shortage of delicious options to satisfy our hunger in the Sunshine State. But some restaurants really take their offerings up a notch. Among all the treats you can get at restaurants in Tampa, you're definitely going to want to give Poke Fish a try.

Located on West Kennedy Ave in Tampa, the Hawaiin style fast-casual eatery serves up succulent seafood in what they call poke bowls. 

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The Florida foodie scene is full of incredible options. From spicy hot chicken to towers of sushi and other international flavors, you never know all you can get in the Sunshine State. Some restaurants in Tampa take things up a notch and offer some truly over-the-top bites. Get ready for these 7 over-the-top foods in Tampa that you need to try.

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When it comes to food, it's no secret that the Sunshine State likes to take things up a notch. Floridian foodies are in for a real treat with uniquely unexpected food fusions at this restaurant in Tampa.

At Empamamas, located inside of Tampa's Armature Works at the Heights Public Market, you'll find this little gem nestled among other palate-pleasing paradises.

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