retail struggles

If you grew up in Calgary, chances are very high you've worked in retail at some point. Whether it be in Sunridge, Market Mall, or Cross Iron, you know the retail struggle all too well. Those of us who've worked at Chinook Centre, however, have our very own set of problems to deal with. 

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Oh the struggle is real! Even though working at Southgate mall has its perks: being around cute clothes, attractive customers, getting that hard-earned commission, and that employee discounts; there are still some downsides to the retail life. In no way are we trying to sound like a Negative Nancy, but come on, this is reality for crying out loud!

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Working at Forever 21 can be great! You work with a lot of other people since the stores are generally gigantic--so you’re bound to make some amazing friends. Plus, an employee discount never hurts.

However, as with every job, it’s certainly not always sunshine and rainbows. And at the end of the day, laughing at the little things that annoy you, can make you feel a lot better about them (something about it being the best medicine…). And to all the Forever 21 employees, you’re not alone in your frustrations. Many others feel your pain!

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