We all scream for ice cream! Udderly Ridiculous ice cream was named the best new dessert in Canada for its unique Wine & Dark Chocolate flavour. It's made with goat milk and lots of other local ingredients.

For the 27th Canadian Grand Prix New Product Awards, Udderly Ridiculous had the honour of winning the dessert category.

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You don't have to be rich to live a beautiful life. You just need to live in the right spot! Popular areas get all the attention and all the high prices. Head the other way though and you can find some amazing places that are also amazingly affordable.

It pays to take the road less travelled! Literally. The average home price in Canada is over $500,000. You can get better views and way more for your money if you're in the right place. A home located in these places are well below half a milli and absolutely gorgeous!

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In today's modern day lingo, thot stands for/translates to: that hoe over there. A term best made popular by the biggest boy band in the world - Migos - with their iconic track, Bad & Boujee.

 A further definition of a thot details a promiscuous woman who is not shy about her sexuality, in regards to photos, videos, or interactions. Thots can also be described as shady, 'knock-offs', deceitful, manipulative, unoriginal etc. 

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