This year, many Canadians spent less money on travelling and vacations and a lot more on hand sanitizer, face masks and toilet paper.

Now, ahead of the new year, experts are predicting what 2021 in Canada will look like and some believe we’ll be dropping more cash than ever before.

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There could be bad news ahead if you were hoping to buy a property next year. Canada’s house prices are expected to climb even further in 2021 and house and condo costs could surge.

Royal LePage, a Canadian real estate brokerage, predicts that property costs could rise by 5.5% next year, causing house and condo prices to increase even more than they did this year.

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The clocks they are a-changin'! When daylight saving time in Canada ends, that means sunrises and sunsets will be so much earlier. The earliest sunset will actually be at 3:17 p.m. in one major city.

When daylight saving time ends at 2:00 a.m. on November 1, the clocks will go back by an entire hour in most parts of the country.

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You might want to fill up your tank this Tuesday because gas prices in Ontario are expected to surge by Wednesday. 

According to Dan McTeague, President of Canadians for Affordable Energy, Ontarians can expect to see a four-cent rise at the pumps tomorrow. 

Gas prices are projected to go up to 103.9 cents in the GTHA, Ottawa, Barrie, Windsor, London, Peterborough, Sudbury, Kingston, Kitchener, Guelph and Niagara, according to a tweet from McTeague.

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Even as restrictions were loosened and daily numbers were improving, the possibility of a second wave of COVID-19 in Canada was always looming. Ottawa's top doctor has said the city is now officially seeing one. She added that there could be trouble if cases rise too quickly.

Following a September 18 meeting with Premier Doug Ford, Ottawa's medical officer of health, Dr. Vera Etches, was asked by CTV News Ottawa reporter Christina Succi if the city is in a second wave.

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