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riverdale season 2

Now before anybody chops my head off, let me just start this off by saying I would like to think I’m a fan of Riverdale. A lot of my childhood was spent reading Archie comics and cheering on Betty so when the Netlix series got announced I was SO excited… then I heard it was being produced by CW. 

I still tune in and won’t say I actively hate the show, but if you are going to try and say you don’t cringe at least 3 times per episode you are a damn liar. In the spirit of the new season coming out though, let’s recap on why Riverdale is the worst but regardless we watch it anyway because trashy television is the best kind of television. 

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Filming for Season 2 of Riverdale is well underway, and judging by photos from the set, it looks as though the plot is going to be even more dramatic than last season. 

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After Riverdale's climactic season finale, tons of questions have been swirling through fans heads. Though we finally got answers about Jason Blossom's killer, many of the show's beloved characters ended the season on shaky grounds.  

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