The Spurs vs Rockets game last night was eventful for several reasons, but not the ones you'd expect. Aside from the Dejounte Murray and James Harden drama, which was juicy in itself, a fan was getting every reason to never come to another Rockets game again! Last night at the Houston Rockets game, a fan had beer splashed on her not once, but twice, and it was anything but her fault.

I'm sure not a single fan in the audience of the Spurs vs Rockets game last night anticipated leaving soaking wet, but unfortunately, that was the case for one. 

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Basketball games can get everyone riled up, especially when we're this far into the season. From the fans in the stands to the players on the court, you never know what to expect from a game, especially when two iconic teams are playing. Last night, Spurs' Dejounte Murray and Rockets' James Harden fought over a play that resulted in Murray scoring for the Spurs.

The San Antonio Spurs faced off against the Houston Rockets in Houston, leading up to the two players butting heads.

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We all know that James Harden and Russell Westbrook have a long standing history as best buds dating back to their days in Oklahoma City. Those days are long gone (because they're super famous now) and their bromance has been in full-effect all summer long since teaming up for Houston.

Last month they were partying it up in H-Town for Harden's birthday bash, even going as far as dancing on stage in front of thousands of people together. As of recent, they've been spotted doing UFC style workouts in Los Angeles. So we guess they've become travel buds too.

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