rooftop patios

Roof Gnome compared nearly 300 of the biggest U.S. cities based on a cocktail of 18 metrics. The comparison factored in rooftop bar and lounge access and consumer ratings, stirred with data-driven mixers like affordability and climate.

Here's a deeper dive into how cities across the country compare when it comes to most establishments, affordability, and weather. Numbers denote the city's ranking, which includes ties.

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Toronto patio season is slowly approaching, and these are the best Toronto restaurants to hit up.

Narcity took to the streets to ask Toronto locals what their favourite patio in the city is, and there are so many to check out.

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It just isn't summer without visiting at least one rooftop patio, and if you're looking for some inspiration, then add these stunning Toronto spots to your plans.

These towering terraces boast views of the city, leafy decor, and vacay-vibes, so you can have a little getaway without leaving the city.

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