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If you've laid eyes on the Big Brother Canada house interior for season nine, you probably know that it pretty over the top. 

Simplicity and minimalism certainly were not in the plans for the Big Brother Canada house. The walls are covered in colourful graphics and jungle-like vines and, to be honest, it's a lot for the eyes to handle. 

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If all the recent talk of royals has got you itching for your own private castle, this Ontario house on the St. Lawrence River might be perfect for you.

Built in 1860, this massive home has all the history that a monarch could want plus all the coziness and affordability of a rural Ontario cottage.

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If you've been dying to do something other than work and watch Netflix, you might want to scoop up some tickets to the upcoming adults-only Calgary Zoo escape room before they sell out. 

Back by popular demand, Locked Zoo: Penguin Pursuit will transform the entire zoo into an after-hours escape room for you and your household team. 

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Recently, I found myself wondering, "What is Clubhouse?" after seeing a number of friends on social media hopping on the trend and downloading the new social networking app.

I'm a notorious late adopter. I was seriously late to the Instagram game and I didn't get TikTok until we were pretty deep into the pandemic. While I'm often late to the party, I do have a fair share of FOMO that gets me there eventually.

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A recent guest at a Toronto quarantine hotel is recounting her experience during her short stay, and it wasn't exactly a pleasant one. 

Shine Chhabre spoke to Narcity over the phone about her time in quarantine at the Sheraton Hotel & Conference Centre last week. 

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