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rural manitoba

In the Prairies, we're all about our small towns. They're pretty much our lifeline here, from farm country to bush parties.

We've got so many cute small towns that tons of them go unnoticed, so let's give rural Manitoba the recognition it deserves! Let us know your fave and take a look at these 22 super quaint small towns in Manitoba worth roadtripping to this summer.

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Summer is on its way and we all know what that means, time to go for ice cream! There is no better way to beat the +30 heat than with some sweet, frozen goodness. Even though +30 seems so far off right now, it will come! So let's reminisce of our favorite childhood treats and get prepared for the sunny warm days ahead!

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If you're like me and from the good ol' town of Brandon, you know Winnipeg tends to get all the attention. Countless trips to Winnipeg for concerts, shopping, the airport, the list goes on, but Brandon has grown a lot in the past years, so let's give it some love!

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