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De nombreux employeurs québécois se sont vus contraints d'apporter des changements importants dans leur entreprise afin de traverser la crise de la COVID-19 et de faire face au ralentissement économique.

Que ce soit la modification des horaires ou des tâches des employés, le licenciement ou la mise à pied de salariés, ton milieu de travail a peut-être été touché par l'une ou l'autre de ces situations. Si c'est ton cas, tu as sans doute dû t'adapter au meilleur de tes capacités.

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A new report from the federal government has found that Canada’s COVID-19 benefits dished out more money than many households actually lost in income.

The data, which was shared on March 1, revealed that some Canadians received thousands of dollars more than their pre-pandemic income, causing “extraordinary changes” to the country’s average earnings.

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It should come as no surprise to you that the stars of the small screen are truly bringing in tons of cash these days, but we never imagined they were making this kind of guap.

Variety just dropped the list of TV's top talent & exactly how much they're making per season or episode, depending on their shtick. Unfortunately for us, not all show are on the list (Wouldn't you love to know the pay difference between Kim and Kylie on KUWTK? Because me.) But there are definitely still some names - and numbers - that are sure to surprise you. 

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