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A woman who applied for her own job after seeing the listing offered at over $30,000 more than her salary says she's overwhelmed by the support she's received since going public with her story.

On March 7, Kimberly Nguyen began tweeting about being underpaid and her frustration over the new job posting. Now she hopes all the attention her story has gotten since will help her secure a new job.

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A woman is receiving a wave of support online after expressing frustration with her employer about being underpaid for her position, which she recently saw listed on LinkedIn at well above her salary.

Kimberly Nguyen tweeted that her company had posted a job for basically the same position she's currently doing, but for much higher pay, so she decided to apply for the new role and things quickly spiralled from there.

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Whether you're looking for a job, your next career move or you're just plain curious, it's common to look up which salary lands with a certain position, and sometimes, they can be hard to find.

TikTok influencer Hannah Williams is normalizing being vocal about what people make in a year on her channel Salary Transparent Street, and the internet absolutely loves it.

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