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Take it from a Canadian: mixing salt, sugar and water will not make instant snow, no matter what you see on TikTok.

Instead, it'll just make a mess for you to clean up.

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It is never too early to start the countdown to the holiday season. Utah's Christmas festival starts this month, and it is pure holiday magic.

Lumaze will be happening in Salt Lake City this winter from Thursday, November 19 to Saturday, January 2.

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Fun fact: October is actually BC Wine Harvest month — aka, the perfect excuse to check out one (or more!) of BC's nine wine regions. 

Yup, that's right. With more than 280 wineries spread across the landscape, Canada's most beautiful province is also one of the country's most premium wine producers. 

Since there's something unique about every part of BC, it's totally understandable if you need a little help learning about each distinct region and narrowing down your options. That's why this handy guide covers what makes each region unique, complete with places to eat and stay, fun things to do, and — of course — some of the top BC wineries to visit!

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True North strong and free, am I right? There are so many things to be proud of as Canadians: free health care and education, multiculturalism, natural resources, and of course, our resident fox Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

On top of all that, our vast and varying geography is a huge reason to love Canada for what it is - our home. Here are some top spots you should most definitely see in one of the greatest countries in the world.

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