samantha cimarelli

While season one has come and gone, Netflix's The Circle contestants are still fresh on our minds. Among fan favorites of the show are truth slingin', New York Italian boy Joey Sasso and his bromance brother Shubham "Shooby" Goel, as well as fan-favorite vote winner and Miami resident Sammie Cimarelli. Superfans of the show that live in the big MIA are about to get even more excited — because they actually invited fans to party with them next week.

If you haven't watched the show yet, we'll break it down for you without giving away too much. A few spoilers will be ahead though; you've been warned!

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While the season finale of Netflix's The Circle has come and gone, it's hard to shake thoughts of the social media show's lovable contestants from our heads — this appears to be true for Sammie Miami and Chris Sapphire, who have maintained a friendship even after the show's end and share their love for each other on IG for the world to see.

If you haven't watched The Circle yet, you might want to binge all the episodes on Netflix. The format feels kind of like Big Brother meets anonymous social media games plus a little catfishing, and it can be weirdly addicting.

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The ever-popular streaming service Netflix has done it again with an original that's reality t.v. meets game show. If you haven't watched The Circle on Netflix, it's basically half-anonymous Big Brother with social media catfishing and it's weirdly addicting. Each episode is equal parts, cringe, realness, and deception that will leave you screaming, crying, and laughing at your t.v.; but you can't have an addicting show without engaging contestants, like the spunky 25-year-old, Samantha Cimarelli.

Since her debut as a show O.G., Sammie's strategy has been to be her real self from day one. Her authenticity has gained her a huge following, but there is more to her than meets the eye.

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