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A rare flower is in the process of blooming at the San Antonio Zoo, and it's one that popularly smells like 'death' once it does so.

Just this year, the zoo was given an Amorphophallus titanum, better known as the iconic corpse flower, which gives off a nasty odor from the "spadix" or center of the flower.

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It's easy to associate the zoo with children and steer clear, especially when we grew up going there ourselves. Fortunately, that's well on many of our favorite zoo's radars and as a result, they've managed to figure out a way to make the adults happy too. The San Antonio Zoo's adults-only night will be hosted once again this spring and we can hardly wait for it to be here.

On Thursday, May 14 you and your 21+ friends, family, or significant others can come out to the San Antonio Zoo and enjoy a night of drinking, eating, and serious fun.

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If you live in Texas, there's no shortage of things to do with your special someone during the most romantic holiday of the year. For example, this Valentine's Day the San Antonio Zoo is letting you dine up-close and personal with animals from under the sea. You can make reservations today and we're sure your Valentine will appreciate it.

Wild At Heart Valentine's Experience is taking place this Friday at 5:30 p.m. for the first round of guests and then again at 7:30 p.m. for the second round.

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Having an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend that you still have beef with is the worst, especially around Valentine's Day. Finally, there's a way to squash any hard feelings towards an ex in the most creative way possible. This Valentine's Day, the San Antonio Zoo is allowing you to name a cockroach or rat after your ex to be fed to a bird or snake.

Cry Me A Cockroach is the first-ever San Antonio Zoo event of its kind.

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