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Lotería is one of the more enjoyable games out there, especially if a prize is at stake. This summer, San Marcos' first-ever Lotería Fest is taking place and inviting all people to participate. It'll be a day of celebrating Mexican culture and having a blast with those that grew up with or are new to playing the game.

On Saturday, May 2, Lotería Fest is being held at La Sociedad Cuauhtemoc in Cuauhtemoc Hall from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Once you arrive, you'll be greeted with tons of fun activities.

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Many argue that sending love letters is outdated, but we'd argue that it's actually pretty sweet. This year, you can send a letter to your special someone through an adorable Valentine's Day mailbox in San Marcos . The gesture will no doubt be enough to win someone over or even make your current boo swoon.

As part of the San Marcos Main Street Program, the city opened this Valentine's Day mailbox in none other than Kissing Alley.

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December is officially here, which means all of the highly anticipated holiday festivals in Texas are closer than ever before. For San Marcos, the town's biggest Christmas festival opens this week, and it's going to be bigger and better than any year before.

If you already have big plans this week, cancel them, because we have something much bigger in store for you.

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