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The viral picture of Senator Bernie Sanders sitting with his arms crossed at Joe Biden's inauguration continues to circulate around the internet, and now it's even doing some good. 

One crafty fan of the meme, Tobey King, put her skills to work, crafting a crocheted doll of Sanders complete with his famed mittens and decided to put it up for auction on eBay to raise money for a good cause.

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By now, pretty much the whole world recognizes the "Grumpy Bernie" meme and the obsession around it. 

Now, you can buy your very own merch with the famous pic of Bernie Sanders and the proceeds will go to good causes. 

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Le premier ministre du Canada, Justin Trudeau, partage rarement du contenu humoristique sur ses réseaux sociaux, mais il n'a vraisemblablement pas pu s'empêcher d'entrer dans le mouvement des memes de Bernie Sanders.

Ce samedi 23 janvier, après avoir fait le tour du Web, c'est sur le balcon de Rideau Cottage que s'est retrouvé Sanders, les jambes croisées, avec ses fameuses mitaines. 

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It seems even the Prime Minister can't resist a meme-able moment! Justin Trudeau's Bernie Sanders meme is part of the viral trend right now and he's using it as a warning to Canadians.

In the post on January 23rd, the PM posted a picture of the US politician sitting in his iconic inauguration pose on the porch of Rideau Cottage while Trudeau gives a press conference. 

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Senator Bernie Sanders became a fashion icon on the day of Joe Biden's inauguration, and the now popular "Bernie Sits" meme is being used for more than just laughs.

One scientist, under the Twitter name @RebbeccaRHelm, began using the meme to help illustrate the size of various ocean creatures, and the thread is both educational and hilarious.

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