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The sun’s blaring, and Canada’s gearing up for a hot summer in more ways than one. The country’s connoisseur of all things chicken, Swiss Chalet, is matching the climbing temperatures with a hike up the Scoville scale and some spicy new menu items.

Always on top of every poultry trend there is, Swiss Chalet’s taking the ever-popular Nashville hot chicken craze to a whole new level this #hotchickensummer.

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Toronto restaurant The Heartbreak Chef is selling its massive chicken sandwiches for just $5 and the deal had people lining up before doors opened.

On March 20, from noon until they're sold out, the spot is offering $7 off its Big Ass Chicken Sandwich and Dutty Chicken sandwich, with all proceeds going to the Parkdale Community Food Bank.

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Février dernier, la chaîne de café Tim Hortons a annoncé l'arrivée des oeufs fraîchement cassés dans ses restaurants. Eh bien, son compétiteur McDonald's n'a pas raté l'occasion de lancer quelques flèches à ce sujet. 

Ce lundi 8 mars 2021, le compte McDonald's Canada a partagé une publication assez cocasse sur Twitter faisant référence à ses fameux « oeufs fraîchement cassés ».

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In 2019 and 2020, we had Popeyes vs. Chick-fil-A in the battle for the country's best spicy chicken sandwich.

In 2021, we have McDonald's and Wendy's pitted against each other for the title. 

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