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When you hear of carb cycling, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Cycling while eating carbs? Cause same. However, that's obviously not true as much as we wish it was. It's not that easy. 

First and foremost, I want to say that carb cycling is only easy because you have a lot of leeway with what you eat. Not because the lifestyle or "diet" (I don't like to call it a diet) is easy. Realistically, no diet or lifestyle is easy at the beginning and it takes a lot of work. However, you see results fast and you don't have to restrict your diet. Well, not all the days of the week. 

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The fucking bikini body. What we would all do to have one. 

After feeling like I needed a change, and needed to get my ass up off the couch, I decided to buy a new 'trendy' training guide to motivate me. I feel like those keep you on track because you know exactly what to do each day of the week. And this girl loves structure. So I opted for Sarah's Day e-book called Sweat It To Shred It

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Après m'être foulé la cheville et être restée assise beaucoup trop longtemps sur mon sofa l'an dernier, j'ai décidé de m'acheter un nouveau guide d'entraînement ''trendy'' pour me motiver un peu. J'ai opté pour celui de Sarah's Day, qui a comme devise Écoute ton corps

La Youtubeuse australienne a bâti son programme sur 8 semaines, sous forme de défi santé. Les exercices peuvent se faire autant au gym qu'à la maison, parce que tu n'as besoin que du poids de ton corps comme équipement. Voici comment mon premier mois s'est déroulé! 

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