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Once again, the cast and crew of Canadian TV show Schitt’s Creek have added to their 2020-2021 awards haul.

On Sunday evening, Schitt's Creek won two SAG (Screen Actors Guild) awards, which included yet another accolade for Catherine O’Hara as the iconic Moira Rose.

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Happy birthday to a Canadian icon! March 4 is Catherine O’Hara’s birthday and there’s no better time to look back at her impressive life and career.

To mark the occasion, the internet is celebrating the lady that gave us Moira Rosa from Schitt’s Creek, Delia from Beetlejuice and even Kevin’s mom in Home Alone!

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It looks like even the prime minister can’t resist Schitt’s Creek! Justin Trudeau took to social media to congratulate the show’s cast and crew after they won even more awards over the weekend and he gave Moira Rose a special shout-out.

In a Twitter message shared one day after the Golden Globes 2021 ceremony, the Canadian PM gushed about “the entire Schitt’s Creek team.”

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There’s a reason Moira Rose’s favourite season is “awards!” Elton John is a huge Schitt’s Creek fan and he proved it on social media ahead of the Golden Globes 2021.

Taking to Twitter and Instagram ahead of the ceremony on Sunday night, the British music legend wished the cast and crew of Schitt’s Creek “the best of luck” with their nominations.

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An iconic Canadian show has been sweeping up awards season. Now Schitt's Creek has won another one and the cast responded.

The popular comedy took home the prize for best TV series at the 2021 Queerties award show that premiered on YouTube.

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