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The second season of Resident Alien is being filmed across Vancouver, and locals are loving it.

The SYFY show stars Alan Tudyk, who plays an alien that recently crash-landed on earth on a secret mission. Based on a comic book series, the science fiction show is a blend of mystery and comedy.

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Are you ready for a scare, Toronto? This October, a horror film festival will be held in the city, and it's sure to bring the screams.

Toronto After Dark is an internationally-recognized film festival that showcases the newest releases of horror, sci-fi, action and cult movies. This is the festival's 12th year in the city, and it will feature as many as 50 feature films over the course of nine thrilling nights; from independent projects to international works.

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You've had enough drinks to last you an entire month. There's only so much of George you can handle. No more terrible hangovers and no more searching for the cure. Forget trying to fix the problem with takeout, we both know it doesn't end well.

It's high time for a sober weekend, and lucky for you there are plenty of events going on for you to enjoy.  Fashion shows, art openings, concerts and even sci-fi conventions are all happening in St. John's this weekend. If you're looking for something fun and exciting to do that doesn't involve getting smashed, we have you covered.

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