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Our province's official Science Advisory Table has new suggestions for what Ontario's COVID-19 restrictions should look like.

In a release published on Tuesday, Ontario's top health and science advisors outlined six key measures needed to battle back against the third wave, and they include allowing Ontarians to hang out with friends outside.

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Whether you're exploring a new career path or just looking to better understand things help those around you, there's a bunch of online education aimed at building knowledge and awareness of mental health. 

Even better, most of the courses are free and come with flexible deadlines so you can study at your own pace if you have a full-time job or are enrolled in other studies.

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It's time to get your resume ready, as these Ontario jobs pay $100,000 or more a year.

Do you dream about making a six-figure salary? Well, now is your chance. 

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After 11 months of watching reruns on Netflix, recreating TikTok trends, or endless scrolling on Instagram, you might find yourself in the mood for learning. 

Online learning became accessible and cost-friendly pre-pandemic and there's nothing holding you back from getting in some Ivy League quality education today - without Ivy League prices. That's right - you can take courses from all 8 top schools completely free. 

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