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We all have our favourite spots to eat in Vancouver and it's hard to branch out, but what do you do when you end up on an island with your family on a trip to see your aunt, or your friends want to visit that one gal pal who decided to go to UVIC instead of UBC?

Instead of puttering over Yelp reviews that are never reliable (honestly, who Yelps anymore?) use this list as your guide to Victoria's best restaurants to avoid ending up at the White Spot.

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Many pescatarians choose to go meatless to protect the environment. This makes sense, with animal farming being one of the major contributors to climate change. But does seafood also need to be questioned? The short answer is yes.

Fish and other types of seafood (like shrimp and shellfish) aren't always sourced sustainably: more than one-third of the world's waters are being overfished โ€” a highly concerning fact considering diverse oceans are a critical part of the Earth's delicate climate balance.

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The digital age plus the pandemic means the way we work has shifted, and for many of us, that may also mean newfound freedom in going 100% remote. Especially if your company has decided to switch to the work-from-home model permanently.

Working from home has taken the world by storm, and with commutes a thing of the past and expensive inner-city rents no longer necessary, it's no wonder Canadians are leaving big cities in record numbers.

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Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz opened his new restaurant, Esco Seafood, over the weekend and the food looks incredible.ย 

The two-story eatery, located in Old Fourth Ward, serves up massive trays & buckets of seafood like lobster, crab, and shrimp.

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There are tons of yummy places to indulge in along the St. Pete Beach, but few places will give you booze, food, and stunning views all at once. At one St. Pete bar, Hurricane Seafood Restaurant, you can get lofty ocean views while you sip a refreshing margarita for the perfect end to your beach day.

Found in the heart of the Pass-A-Grille historic district, Hurricane Seafood Restaurant has been serving up delicious food and stunning views to the St. Pete community for decades.

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