Tiger Woods might be one of the better golfers on the PGA Tour but many internet users are making one thing clear: his "misogynist" jokes are not up to par.

OK, so that joke was also bad, but not bad enough to bring the wrath of angry internet users on a Friday afternoon.

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If you're a woman working a tipping job, you might be surprised to learn that your hairstyle can have a major impact on how much cash you take home.

Several servers on TikTok have started testing out hairstyles on the job to see how well each performs, and the result was pretty clear — and maybe a little problematic.

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WTF, Québec?

The passing of Bill 62 by the Quebec National Assembly is a move that has divided Canadians across the country. The legislation, which was introduced by the Liberal government, bans public workers and users of government services from wearing face coverings, including niqabs.

Quebec has been on a ban frenzy as of late. Some of its bans, like the ones imposed on fracking, bonfires, smoking on restaurant patios and flavoured cigarettes, are rooted in some logic. Its other bans, however, have not been so sensical. Quebec has both considered and carried out a slew of controversial bans, including the use of “anglicisms”, the ownership of pitbulls, and even the sale of the Super Nintendo.

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