You've probably heard this term being used, but might still wonder "what is vaccine efficacy?" Dr. Supriya Sharma, chief medical advisor at Health Canada, has explained it.

It is used to describe how effective a vaccine is against things like infection, and serious outcomes like hospitalizations and deaths.

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With the approval of the Moderna vaccine, Canada has official recommendations for those who should and should not be vaccinated. 

Dr. Supriya Sharma, a senior medical advisor with Health Canada, said during a press conference on Wednesday that the same advice applies to the Moderna vaccine as to Pfizer.

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After the senior medical advisor for Health Canada told the country that one of the COVID-19 vaccines en route to the True North was also responsible for the allergic reaction of two people during its trial stages, she quickly assured Canadians it was nothing to worry about.

Dr. Supriya Sharma also said that what reportedly happened in the U.K. was also being monitored.

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A Canadian health official said that Canada's newest COVID-19 vaccine resulted in two major allergic reactions during the trial stage.

In a press conference Wednesday, the Senior Medical Advisor for Health Canada, Dr. Supriya Sharma, said she is not worried by the news as rates of allergic reactions remained relatively low.

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When it comes to a COVID-19 vaccine, Canada has now approved its first one and a Health Canada official joked that we did it before the U.S. because we're better.

Following the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine getting the green light from Health Canada, officials held a press conference to talk about the groundbreaking news.

Dr. Supriya Sharma, a senior medical advisor with Health Canada, had the perfect response to being asked how we "beat" the U.S. to approve the shot first.

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