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When it comes to culinary delights, there's no end to great Canadian food across the country — but which city does it better?

Toronto foodie @amaara.aashim recently spent three weeks "eating like a madman" in Vancouver and he made two TikToks comparing which place comes in first place for certain foods.

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People can get very opinionated about their favourite shawarma spots in Toronto because there are so many delicious places to choose from. But naming one spot as the best shawarma in town takes a lot of thought and dedication, so I decided to take on the difficult challenge myself.

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Tu peux goûter à un shawarma géant complètement gourmand avec des frites à l'intérieur dans les trois succursales du restaurant Shawarmaz situées à Laval, Montréal et Vaudreuil-Dorion. C'est le repas parfait pour te remplir l'estomac avant une grosse soirée.

Le shawarma appelé « Bombe » est loin du classique libanais. L'énorme sandwich, contient du poulet, du fromage fondu, de la salade de chou, des frites bien croustillantes, des cornichons, la fameuse sauce à l’ail et du ketchup. Le tout est servi dans un pain saj (une sorte de wrap) ou dans un pain baguette. C'est comme en défi, en soit, de le manger en entier.

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Getting through life's demands on a daily basis can be downright tiring. Working, cleaning, cooking, running errands... the list really can go on and on.

One surefire way to buffer the fatigue and stress of all the things on your plate is by treating yourself to some takeout. 

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It seems people will do anything for a good deal! For Osmow's National Shawarma Day, the line ups to order were huge and people were waiting for over an hour at some locations. Some even had to stand out in the rain to get their hands on a wrap or chicken on the rocks for just $5.

The deal was to celebrate the first-ever National Shawarma Day on October 15, a holiday that Osmow's created.

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