shayne and natalie

The new Netflix dating series Perfect Match hasn't even aired yet, but there's already drama around one contestant and his ex-fiancée from Love Is Blind.

Natalie Lee, who got engaged to Shayne Jansen on season two of Love Is Blind, is accusing Jansen of agreeing to go on the show while the two were still dating in 2021.

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Spoiler alert: the Love Is Blind drama didn't end between Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen after season two of the Netflix show.

Lee recently opened up to Narcity about the ups and downs that followed her jaw-dropping decision at the end of the season when she had to make a call on whether to marry the guy she'd met on a truly blind date.

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Natalie Lee didn't go into season two of Love Is Blind with a plan, but she did have standards.

Lee recently told Narcity that she didn't watch the first season of the show, which challenges people to date blindly through a wall before deciding if they want to get engaged to someone they've never seen.

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