If you've been craving an Italian vacation after watching the second season of The White Lotus, you'll be happy to know you can now stay at one of the villas seen in the show.

Located in Palermo, Sicily, Villa Tasca is listed as a luxurious rental on Airbnb and that's because it comes with a full staff when you book a stay.

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If you've watched the second season of HBO's The White Lotus, you've likely noticed the stunning Italian scenery in the show and perhaps even questioned if the locations really do exist.

Thankfully the majority of the season was filmed at a real hotel in Sicily and anyone can book a stay there, but be warned because it doesn't come cheap!

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L'hiver est désormais bel et bien installé, on ne peut plus le nier. Qui dit hiver, dit manteau d'hiver.

Si cette année, tu as ouvert ton garde-robe et tu as poussé un soupir de découragement en voyant ton vieux manteau que tu n'aimes plus, il serait temps que tu t'en trouves un nouveau, plus beau et plus chaud que celui de l'an passé.

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