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So Halloween is fast approaching and you and bae are trying to figure out what the best costume is for this year. Your last year's couples costume was A1, but you know it's a cardinal sin to repeat the same get-up. It's time to explore some new options and bust out that creativity - Trump and the wall is a good one if you want to get funny, sugar skulls are cool if you want to be sexy, and a mermaid with a sailor or caught by a pirate is perfect if you're just really into mermaids.

If you want to be a sexy animal or something with lingerie and bunny ears, but without having to say "I'm a bunny, duh. " like Karen from Mean Girls, just get your significant other to fix the situation. Get them to be the Duracell to your bunny, the zoo keeper to your giraffe, or any other supporting roll so no one gets confused what you dressed up as. In this case, two is always better than one.

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Take your girl out for something a bit above basic. Fall is perfect for all those basic bitch things and don't get me wrong, they are great. Pumpkin spice lattes, sweaters, toques, scarfs, I could go on. But since that's what we do every day though, try something different for your date.

Alberta has so many incredible things to do that every date could be epic. Jasper and Banff can literally make your dating life the most amazing ever. Here are 11 Incredible Dates To Take Your Girlfriend On This Fall In Alberta.

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Most couples are guilty of being potatoes. I mean, what's better than cuddling with your bae on the couch, spending quality time with each other, and binge watching Stranger Things together? Tbh, nothing much.

But once in a while, every potato needs to get out. And so do you. But there are some quintessential potato activities that you can do with your boy/girlfriend that don't require too much effort.

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The start of spring in Manitoba is like being stuck in limbo between Winter and Summer. The snow has melted so much that most of your winter activities are over, but it's not warm enough yet for most of the summer or even spring activities to begin.  The sun is out and the temperature is rising, but then we get stuck with that all too well-known question, What do you want to do?

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It's a new year and there are so many new adventures in Calgary to go on. If you spent most of 2016 curled up on the couch, eating pizza and watching Netflix and calling it a "date", you probably need to keep reading this article.

Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with ordering Pizza Hut and watching Orange Is The New Black for the 300th time, but sometimes you just need to add a little adventure to your date nights.

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