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Well, here we are, smack dab in winter. Maybe you're someone who loves the outdoors, no matter what time of year. Or maybe you're going through the motions of your routine, dealing with shorter, darker days, and just trying to finish off the year as best you can.

But have you considered how much nature can offer, right at your fingertips? Though it's always been there, it might not regularly be on your radar.

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You can add some magic to your winter season by visiting this glimmering ice path.

Ontario's cranberry skating trail winds through a frozen marsh, and it's the most enchanting winter adventure.

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If you're looking for a fun winter activity to do, an outdoor skating rink in Regina is opening up in a football stadium and there are nearly 88,000 square feet of ice to glide on.

Mosaic Stadium, home of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, is turning into Iceville and will open on New Year's Eve.

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It's time to sharpen those skates because one of the city's most stunning rinks is about to open.

Toronto's Bentway Skate Trail is officially launching next week, and you can glide through a wintery paradise beneath the Gardiner Expressway.

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Start sharpening those skates, because you’ll want to glide down this icy trail as soon as it opens.

Toronto’s Evergreen Brick Works skating rink is planning to open next month, and you can glide through a wintery wonderland.

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