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A TikToker just showed off some handy features in a Korean subway station that you won't see in Canada, but honestly are so smart.

The viral TikTok video is even captioned "Vancouver pls take notes." Apparently, the SkyTrain isn't cutting it!

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If you are from Vancouver, B.C., you know that the SkyTrain is a big deal as it's one of the main public modes of transportation people use in the city.

Locals have taken to a Vancouver Reddit thread to throw out some hilarious suggestions on where new SkyTrain stations should be located next, and potential names.

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With the winter weather in B.C. comes some very icy train doors, but TransLink employees have a solution! The hockey stick. Could they be any more Canadian?

In a blog post, TransLink said that even though Metro Vancouver has a pretty tame winter, they still needed to get creative with de-icing the doors on the SkyTrain.

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Once the initial high of moving to the big city wears off, there may be a few teeny, tiny things that begin to annoy you as you turn into a Vancouverite.

I love Vancouver as much as the next person, but if we're all being honest, there are some things that we can all agree are a bit annoying. This doesn't mean that you regret your choice to move to Vancouver. Once you move into the city, there's no other place you would rather be. But if you want to consider yourself a true Vancouverite, then you're bound to agree that these are the most annoying parts of living in the city.

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Living in Vancouver includes the responsibility of being a dedicated foodie. It's part of the territory and if you're not there yet, you just haven't found the right places. With foods hailing from every country, nation and every fusion you can think of, it's hard not to be stuck in a permanent food coma. 

So what's better than the amazing food that we're talking about? Well how about getting it for a fraction of the price? We live for Happy Hour and with the right restaurant, and right group of people, it can literally be the best part of your day. 

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