small towns in texas

There's a small town just 20 minutes from Dallas known for its long-stretching vineyards and wine tastings. It's called Grapevine, named after — you guessed it — the Grape Vine Prairie, and it's the heart of the Texas wine industry.

The city helps make the Lone Star State the fifth-largest wine producer in the country, according to the town's website. So, you bet the area is giving a "western-meets-vintage" vibe.

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As a lifelong Texan of well over two decades now, I've road tripped through the Lone Star State more times than I can count.

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Small towns are the perfect destination for a quick weekend getaway from the bustle of big-city life, and in Texas, you're sure to find many. However, one, specifically, was listed as the best to visit in the Lone Star State when traveling around America.

Thrillist recently added no-so-well-known vacation spots to go to across the U.S., and Marfa was the favored destination in Texas.

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