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There's never a good time to light a cigarette on a commercial aircraft in 2022, but that didn't stop one guy from doing it on an already-delayed flight out of Australia.

A passenger on a vacation flight heading from Melbourne to Bali this week decided to light up a cigarette while waiting for takeoff, police ultimately had to board the plane and kick him off for the move.

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It's safe to say that Canada has made quite the impression on the world stage for its seemingly never-ending top rankings.

From ranking among the saddest and most anxious in the world to having the best quality of life and being the most accepting country for newcomers, Canada lands on a lot of lists. 

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In the olden days, aka a couple of decades ago, a lot of jobs didn't require people to sit at a desk all day. Unfortunately, that's just not feasible in our modern world. We're all hunched over our computers, only getting up to go to the bathroom and maybe to warm up our lunch. But if we're working, how are we supposed to walk all day? 

It's not a new theory that sitting is the new smoking. It's been said for the past few years, and it's becoming more and more relevant these days. Several studies have been done and being sedentary most of the day is a risk of early death. 

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Many of us have the beautiful European city of Amsterdam on our travel bucket lists. 

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Sounds like a lot, right? You would (or would not?) be surprised to find out that it really might not be.

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