Cultures is rolling out a pretty sweet deal to kick off your summer in the most refreshing way. In honour of National Smoothie Day, they've launched a BOGO campaign that you absolutely can't resist!

From June 14 to June 21, Cultures is serving up double the goodness. Order any regular smoothie online, and presto, you get another one free! Yes, you heard it right - FREE. It's the perfect excuse to try out their delicious range of flavours without lightening your wallet. This offer is available exclusively online and on the Cultures app, so be sure to place your order ahead of time for pick up as the promo is not available in stores.

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If there's one thing that can make it difficult to savour nutritionally balanced meals daily, it's having a busy lifestyle. While there's nothing wrong with having different work commitments or being a mama on-the-go, it can be tough to find time to whip up healthy meals with a hectic schedule. 

For those that do have more time to cook and are interested in starting a vegan or vegetarian diet, you might not be sure where to start.  

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DFW based Smoothie King has always fulfilled your thirst/hunger, but now it can serve as your Friday night entertainment.

The chain's CEO, Wan Kim, will be the subject in the latest edition of CBS' Under Cover Boss.

Kim will be disguised as an average-joe employee and get a taste of what it's like to do the various everyday tasks at multiple locations.

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You've probably heard of the famous Cafe Bora in Korea or the Filipino soul-food cafe Platito in Toronto, both serving up all-purple-everything type desserts, for purple waffles to purple bingsoo. But guess what, we have it in Vancouver too!

Located just a couple blocks south of Joyce Station is the low-key Filipino dessert joint, Flip Side Dessert Cafe. This cafe is literally making purple taro-flavoured dessert meals for the taro craving sweet tooth. Here's a look at the menu: 

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Il y a un million de recettes de smoothies. Tout le monde a sa propre version. C'est comme dans tout, certains sont bons et d'autres pas buvables. Certains prétendent être santé, mais en réalité sont bourrés de sucres ajoutés et gâchent tout. Même si ça ne prend pas nécessairement une marche à suivre et une liste d'ingrédients très complexe pour arriver à un bon smoothie, des fois il suffit de trouver LE bon mélange. 

Je te présente la recette qui te gardera soutenu pour toute la matinée et qui sera ton BFF, d'autant plus si tu souhaites perdre quelques livres. 

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