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soupa saiyan

Soupa Saiyan is known for its eclectic animé-themed decorations, figurines, and, of course, its massive noodle bowls!

With one location in Jacksonville and another one in Orlando, the owners decided to open a third location near the University of Central Florida, called their "UCF" location.

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There's something about a classic anime or cartoon we grew up on that fills our soul with joy; while we'll never understand why nostalgia's power level is over 9000, we're thankful it brings us awesome restaurants like Soupa Saiyan in Jacksonville.

This Dragonball Z themed noodle spot got its start in Orlando in 2016, but when we found out it was opening a new location in Jacksonville, we lost it.

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It's no secret that the Tampa Bay Area is home to some pretty badass bars. From adult arcade playgrounds to secret themed speakeasies you have plenty of places to hunt down around here, and you're going to want to add this bar in St. Petersburg to your list.

Located on 1st Avenue South, you'll find this themed bar just down the way from the famous Chihuly Exhibit, where you can see some crazy blown glass art that will take you on a whimsical trip down the rabbit hole.

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While we may be aging, that doesn't mean that our spirit has grown up yet. Inside all of us is a little kid waiting to come out, and all it takes is something to remind us of our childhood and all that sweet, sweet nostalgia comes flowing back. If you're looking for things to do in Florida that will inspire that feeling, look no further than this list.

From boozy Capri-sun-like juice pouches to arcade bars with retro vibes, to Dragon Ball Z eateries and inflatable theme parks for adults, you'll find a little bit of everything on this list.

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After solidifying their place in Orlando, Dragon Ball Z themed noodle shop Soupa Saiyan FINALLY opened up a new location in Jacksonville — and we were so pumped. Fans of the original location were a little disappointed, however, after finding out that the build your own bowl option did not come with it.

Fans of this nerdy little noodle bar have been commenting since they opened on their Insta and Facebook posts wondering when they could expect to see the popular customizable bowls make a comeback; with no dropped date, it seemed it may never happen.

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