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« Le client a toujours raison. » « Le client est roi. » Quel.le employé.e du service à la clientèle n'a jamais entendu ces phrases de la bouche de son ou sa boss ? Pour partager leur expérience et se défouler, il existe une page Facebook, Spotted clients bizarres, avec environ 32 800 membres qui regroupe les pires expériences des employé.e.s du service à la clientèle au Québec.

Si certains commentaires sont drôles, d'autres le sont beaucoup moins et font état de commentaires racistes ou de violence par exemple.

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Asian giant hornets, aka "Murder Hornets," added to the craziness of 2020 as they made their way to the Pacific Northwest, and the hunt to eradicate them continues this spring.

The flying bug is an invasive species in the United States and Canada, as they are primarily hunters of honey bees but aren't known to be aggressive towards humans unless they are provoked, in which case their powerful sting can result in severe injury or even death.

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If you look out your window this month, don't be frightened if you spot a bunch of red robes. 

Handmaid's Tale has started filming in parts of Ontario again and it's transforming the province into Gilead. 

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One trend that will likely be remembered from last year is the sudden appearance of random monoliths that were popping up all across Canada, seemingly out of nowhere and overnight.

The True North joined many other regions around the world in witnessing the interesting installations.

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The year 2020 is coming to an end and it couldn’t come soon enough for many. But while some will be trying to put the year behind them, there were moments that will be hard to forget.

From helping a pigeon cross the street to playing chess in freezing cold water, these are just some of the memorable videos from 2020 that are worth rewatching.

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