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You might be experiencing the urge to travel as warmer weather nears, and what better place to explore than the Centennial State

Colorado offers gorgeous nature, good eats, and beautiful little towns that will make for the perfect spontaneous summer getaway, and this list will show you the best spots to visit.

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Residents of Austin and San Antonio have always been just a short one and a half-hour drive away from each other, but a new scenic route might make the trip more of an adventure.

The Great Springs Project set up the plan for a new massive network of hiking trails that aims to connect Austin and San Antonio, as well as four springs including the Barton, Comal, San Marcos and San Antonio Springs. 

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Fun fact: October is actually BC Wine Harvest month — aka, the perfect excuse to check out one (or more!) of BC's nine wine regions. 

Yup, that's right. With more than 280 wineries spread across the landscape, Canada's most beautiful province is also one of the country's most premium wine producers. 

Since there's something unique about every part of BC, it's totally understandable if you need a little help learning about each distinct region and narrowing down your options. That's why this handy guide covers what makes each region unique, complete with places to eat and stay, fun things to do, and — of course — some of the top BC wineries to visit!

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The Sunshine State is home to some enchanting springs. The springs in Florida are incredibly diverse, from a rare emerald green spring to crystal blue waters where you can see its teeming wildlife. Near Orlando, there's an easy Florida hiking trail that leads to some of the most gorgeous springs around.

Called the Spring-To-Spring Trail, this trail lays midway between Daytona Beach and Orlando and is a paved route that links the area's watery oases.

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There are many magical spots hidden around The Peach State, you just have to hop in the car and go find them. On this list you'll find the seven natural wonders of Georgia, and they're sure to make your jaw drop. Visiting each of these destinations will leave you with amazing photos and even better memories as you explore lush landscapes and cascading waterfalls.

From the mesmerizing mountains in the northern parts of the state to the very tip of travel treats at its southern border, there's many a wonder waiting to be seen and explored in Georgia.

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