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Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta's top doctor, spoke on Monday, September 21, about how many people you should have in your COVID-19 bubble or "safe squad." 

In the press conference, Alberta's top doctor explained that a cohort or a "safe squad" refers to a small group of people you can interact with without having to follow the two-meters-apart rule. 

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Je n’irai pas jusqu'à citer du Mean Girls (quoi que...) , mais ce qui est vraiment fou à propos d'Halloween, ce n'est pas la quantité énorme de sucreries qui est acceptable de consommer; c'est définitivement le fait de pouvoir être qui tu veux le temps d'une soirée.

Alors que, pour plusieurs filles, c'est l'occasion de se sentir sexy le temps d'un party (on ne juge pas), c'est aussi le meilleur moment pour montrer à quel point ta gang est #SquadGoals en réalisant les déguisements de groupe les plus fous. 

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Round up your squad and prepare to make the dream team! Halloween is the perfect time to show everyone just how awesome you and your friends really are. 

So whether you're trendy AF and need a brand spankin' new costume for 2017, want to do an epic throwback or just want something totally weird and funny, these are some of the best. Here are 37 Best Group Costumes For Halloween 2017 That Are Totally #SquadGoals.

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Often times when you get way too stressed, you need to find different ways to relax and unwind. Whether that's going out to dinner to a new restaurant, floating down a lazy river or spending a day drinking on a patio, everyone needs to treat themselves once in a while. 

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Happy Friday Toronto! It's the weekend, and that means more time to spend with your squad. Sometimes it's hard to plan out trips when you have a certain number of people tagging along. There's a huge difference between 3 person activities, and 10 person adventures.

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