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private island rentals in Canada

These seven listings are available if you're looking for an escape, or you can add them to your bucket list for whenever you feel comfortable travelling.

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City living in 400 square feet is going out of style fast, according to a new report on Toronto's rent prices by

The report indicates that the average rent for smaller units in the city is down almost 23% year over year and it's believed that prices will drop even more from here.

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Canada has quite the reputation for being one of the most diverse and welcoming countries. Now, that includes being the best country for introverts.    

According to a study from Merchant Machine, a U.K information website, published in November 2020, Canada outranked ten countries for the number one spot as the best place on earth for introverts.

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The time has finally come to say goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021, but New Year's celebrations won't look the same as we exit the worst year of all time, especially the famed Times Square celebration in New York City.

Just a few hundred select citizens, the majority of which are health care workers, will get to attend the event live and in-person, while the rest of us average joes can either watch on TV or even visit the spot virtually in video game form.

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It’s been a long and challenging year for Canadians, but these viral videos from 2020 prove that there were still plenty of laugh-out-loud moments.

Including everything from the hilarious Family Feud Canada chicken mishap, to Justin Trudeau's hair flip and the iconic "speaking moistly" quote, here's a look back at some of our highlights:

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