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A bunch of Canadian cities have been ranked as the best places for stargazing in the world, and the country was called "an ideal place for astronomy lovers."

While you might not think cities are good spots to see stars, constellations, meteor showers, comets or even the northern lights, a new study by Compare the Market shows that you can still get stunning views of the cosmos in cities.

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The best places for stargazing in Canada were ranked and you'll get stunning views of the cosmos at all of these spots!

In a recent study, travel experts at Next Vacay looked at Instagram hashtags, air pollution levels, overall star visibility and more at Canada's national parks to figure out the best spots to stargaze.

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If you've been searching for something fun to do this summer, look no further than stargazing at one of the best spots in all of Canada.

Glacier National Park has been ranked as one of the "best places to stargaze" in Canada, according to a study from Next Vacay.

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Whether you're an amateur stargazer or a seasoned astronomer, dark sky preserves at national parks in Canada are such perfect places to see stars, planets, meteor showers, galaxies and even the northern lights.

Dark sky preserves are designated by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada as spots where light pollution is reduced or eliminated which allows people to better enjoy the celestial landscape.

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If you've been looking for somewhere to get lost in the stars, one of the most popular stargazing spots in the world — and one of the most Instagrammed — is in Canada at a gorgeous national park.

Area 52 looked at lists of the world's best locations for stargazing then used Instagram hashtag data and Google search volume to find out which places are the most popular, and a Canadian spot came in sixth in the world.

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