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This incredible house for sale looks like it belongs in a painting, and it will make you forget all about city living.  

Ontario's historic home is located in Madoc, and it's being offered at $799,900.

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The Raptors lost to the Golden State Warriors on Sunday night, but Raptors fans did come away from the game with a new amazing Drake anecdote.

According to a clip posted by ABC7 reporter Chris Alvarez, Golden State Head Coach Steve Kerr told reporters before the game that he once personally fined Drake $500 for making his players late to a flight.

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The Georgia Senate elections are officially underway and, lucky for the world, everyone's favorite journalist is back to help them get through it.

NBC political correspondent and NFL playoff analyst Steve Kornacki is back to cover the historic election, and it's safe to say most people are excited to see his face and his signature khakis again.

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect every aspect of daily existence, from gym workouts to office life, the medical and scientific communities are hard at work trying to find a cure.

One of the potential treatments for the coronavirus is convalescent plasma. Canadian Blood Services are at the forefront of figuring out if this liquid is effective against COVID-19.

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Si tu es actuellement à la recherche d'un nouvel endroit où t'installer à long terme, l'actrice de Fabuleuses et Fragile vend sa propriété et elle pourrait intéresser le côté artsy en toi. La comédienne Juliette Gosselin se départit de son condo à Montréal quil est situé au troisième étage d'un triplex dans le quartier Vieux-Rosemont, tout près de la Promenade Masson.

Il est affiché à 417 000 $, les plafonds sont hauts et les pièces sont plutôt vastes pour un immeuble situé en plein coeur de la métropole. Le condo est composé de sept pièces, dont deux chambres à coucher, ainsi qu'une terrasse.

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