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Vancity ladies, you've done it again. No matter where we go, we see you rockin' the lastest trends and the hottest styles.

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Vancouver is super #blessed that we get to enjoy all four seasons. The only problem that brings is that during the in-between seasons, it gets really frustrating to choose what to wear. Either your sweating in your big ass bomber jacket because you thought it was going to rain (or snow in last weekend's case), or you're freezing your butt off in your light cardi because you thought the day was going to warm up. Result: you end up wearing tights and a sweater.

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We showed you Vancouver's best dressed ladies, now it't time for the guys to shine. These guys take style seriously and no matter what the weather, black is always a Vancouver necessity. Although our weather has been so inconsistent, these guys find a way to layer up and still look stylish AF.

From street wear to suited up, these guys know how to put an outfit together. In no particular order, here are 15 Vancouver guys with sweet summer style:

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