Yes, art is definitely something that is not everyone's cup of tea. But, Vancouver is home to many talented and super unique artists and it's definitely worth checking out some of their work (even if you're more of a chuck bass than a dan humphrey). 

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Over the past decade or so people's attitude toward street art has greatly evolved, and many negative associations about the medium have shifted.  With the rise of artists like Banksy and OBEY Clothing founder Shepard Fairy, the public has come to see street murals as more than just “graffiti,” and can appreciate the influence aerosol pieces have within a city space.

Metropolitan governments and local business’ have begun to commission artists to brighten up the walls of their cities with murals and street art reflective of the local atmosphere.  We created a list of our favorite pieces in the HRM – many of which you probably pass regularly on your daily commute. Take a second to stop and Instagram admire these works next time you walk by.

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Okay, so by now we’re well aware that Toronto is a world-class city. What’s one of the telling signs that we’re up there with New York, LA, and London in terms of status? It’s by our social media footprint of course.

The more a city’s got going on, the more people want to talk, share and show off about it. Concerts, fashion, celebrities and our famous skyline all get lots of love on accounts followed by thousands of people. The following is a round-up of some of the best social media accounts that represent our city. Some are staples that have been around for a while and only continue to grow while others are up-and-coming and doing our city #proud.

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