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The next six months will look extra relaxing for thousands of workers in the U.K., where they're participating in the world's largest trial run of a four-day workweek.

Over 3,300 employees from across 70 U.K. firms will be participating in a pilot program testing out the four-day workweek strategy and honestly, we're a bit jealous. The program starts this week and runs until December of this year, reported the New York Times.

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Is everything ok, Canada? Because we were just named among the saddest and most anxious citizens in the world.

It looks like our home and native land ranked in the top five spots with adults reporting stress, anxiety and sadness during the global pandemic, according to Lenstore's Global State of Health 2021 report.

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Chez plusieurs personnes, la crise sanitaire actuelle génère une quantité de stress importante et bien que ces répercussions ne soient pas visibles à l'oeil nu, le déséquilibre qui en découle est bien réel. 

Que ce soit en raison d'une perte d'emploi, du manque d'interactions sociales ou de la peur de contracter la COVID-19, de nombreux motifs pourraient avoir créé chez toi une hausse de symptômes anxieux et d'émotions plus négatives depuis les derniers mois. 

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The Atlanta Police Department (APD) just announced their newest addition to the team — Scout!

Scout is the department’s first-ever emotional support dog and she’ll be serving in the PAWS (Police Animal Wellness Support) Unit.

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