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Most people in Canada can recall the wild story of Quebec's own "Cocaine Cowgirls," who in 2016 went on a luxurious cruise and then got busted for holding around $26 million of cocaine, going to prison in Australia for it.

Amazon Prime took the infamous story of Mélina Roberge and Isabelle Lagacé and ran with it, creating a movie inspired by the true events — Sugar.

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A brief scroll on Instagram and you'll likely come across people living their best lives with free gifts and food. Well, you too can live like an influencer this summer and get free treats from local makers just by posting about them on social media.

After their Pick-Me-Ups event in Toronto last fall was a total hit, MilkUP is touring Ontario with a new post-to-pay market.

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Take it from a Canadian: mixing salt, sugar and water will not make instant snow, no matter what you see on TikTok.

Instead, it'll just make a mess for you to clean up.

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A bunch of sugar shacks in Quebec are offering meal kits for delivery or pickup to try and save the annual Canadian tradition and Justin Trudeau revealed that he got one.

Almost 70 sugar shacks in the province got together to create Ma cabane à la maison, a site where each provides meals for people who are missing sugar season.

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Ryan Reynolds is featured in a new commercial and it's giving us Deadpool energy!

The ad by HighKey, a company that makes keto, gluten-free snacks, shows the Canadian actor playing a cartoon panda who is a door-to-door cookie scout.

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