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All eyes are on President Trump's lawyer after his Washington, D.C. press conference on Thursday — specifically, on Rudy Giuliani's sweat.

Giuliani clearly worked up a sweat during his rant about election fraud, and he repeatedly wiped his face with a handkerchief.

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How annoying is it to work your abs? Most women want a flat stomach, but when it comes to actually working your core out, you dread it. Maybe because it hurts so much when you do that you just give up. Seriously, ab pain is a different kind of pain. 

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Calling all dancers! After a long week of work, there's nothing better than letting loose and having a blast dancing with friends. If you're looking for a night of cardio, killer music and good times look no further than these 9 dance clubs. 

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Le printemps arrive. Et oui! Tu le sens à cause de la température qui commence à s'adoucir ou peut-être juste parce que mars approche. Tu penses déjà aux petites robes que tu vas pouvoir enfiler dès que la neige aura fondu (même un peu avant en fait -- ben quoi, faut bien rêvasser un peu, on a si hâte!).

Bien que je prône le "sois bien dans ta peau" et le "aime-toi comme tu es", il est possible que tu penses déjà au body que tu voudras avoir cet été. Si c'est le cas, tu le sais, il faut s'y prendre d'avance avec, entre autres, une remise en forme pour chasser l'hiver qui t'a peut-être cloué sur le sofa.

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Let me tell you, I did not mind doing this little assignment. Vancouver is STACKED with trainers who are #bodgoals.

It's the last day of January and I KNOW you're probably already thinking about ditching your resolution but hold up and check out the talent on this list. I bet once you stumble across any of these trainers across Van you may reconsider that Big Mac to focus on your 6pack.

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