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sweet treats

Let us just begin by saying, tacos are the sh*t. There probably isn't a single person on this continent who doesn't enjoy a nice, cheesy, saucy taco.

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A classic gin and tonic may be your poison of choice, but some times it feels like it just doesn't cut it. What better way to turn it up a thousand notches than to turn your favourite drink into popsicle form.

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It's official. After the launch of Starbuck's Unicorn Frappe, we can pretty well say without a doubt that 2017 is the year of the unicorn.

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Summer has finally made it's appearance in the city and we're freaking excited. We know you are too.

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If your date doesn't like sweets, should you even date them?

It's always fun to go out on a little late night date to get a sweet treat, and if your date can't decide where they want to go, I got you. Kingston has so many adorable little bakeries and ice cream places that it could take forever to decide. No, a late night date should not consist of a McDonald's cone through a drive thru.

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